30 Super Cute And Minimalist Tattoos By Playground Tattoo

When it comes to the size of tattoos, some people prefer them big, intricate and flashy and others favor small, discreet and minimalist designs. Beautiful and meaningful tattoos can come in all shapes and sizes. If it’s tiny and minimalist it doesn’t mean it has less essence and symbolism. Contrariwise, a minimal tattoo can capture […]

3D Geometric Animal Tattoos By Sven Rayen

Sven Rayen is a Belgium-based tattoo artist mostly known for his creative geometric animal tattoos. Rayen’s animals are often made in black and gray ink and using a lot of dotwork. Although minimalist, Rayen’s tattoos are made in a geometric style with a stunning origami-like and 3D effect. Sven works in his private parlor, Studio […]

40 Extraordinary UFO Tattoo Designs For Alien Enthusiasts

Aliens and extraterrestrial life have always fascinated us. UFO sightings and abductions have been reported throughout recorded history in various regions of the world, raising questions about life on other planets and whether extraterrestrials have visited Earth. The UFO’s have become an important subject of interest and a great source of inspiration for numerous films, […]

Stunning Graphic Tattoos by Vlad Tokmenin

Vlad Tokmenin is a tattoo artist based in Moscow, Russia whose work is based on pop art and realism. He started his career creating traditional tattoos, mostly depicting pop culture characters, later on developing his own graphic style based on a game of lights and shapes that nicely highlight each of his designs. See below […]

Minimalist Geometric Tattoos by Axel Ejsmont

Marta Slawinska is a Polish illustrator and tattoo artist based in Berlin. Her tattoo art activity is done under the pseudonym of Axel Ejsmont. Axel’s work oscillates between visual minimalism, abstract geometrical ornaments, and conceptual art. Her tattoos are based on symmetric patterns shaded with black and gray dots reminding of various influences, like Persian […]

32 Splendid Snowflake Tattoo Designs

If you thought to get a tattoo and want a unique and delicate symbol, you might consider a snowflake design. Although it mainly depicts the image of winter and cold and it is associated with the winter holidays, a snowflake has a wide variety of symbols. One of the most important symbols is uniqueness, snowflakes […]

David Cote’s Psychedelic Tattoos Are Inspired by His Dreams

David Cote is a young tattoo artist from Montreal, Canada who has a unique style. He specializes in composing eccentric psychedelic tattoos inspired by his lucid dreams. ‘I feel like my creativity is more active just before going to bed, so I either keep a sketchbook next to my bed to sketch it or I […]

30+ Gorgeous Blue Ink Tattoos

If you consider getting a tattoo, but you associate the classic black ink with tribal or rough patterns, you may direct your attention to more delicate and bright designs, like blue ink tattoos. Blue is one of the three primary colors and most popular in the world, often associated with natural elements such as the […]

Impressive Abstract Tattoos by Mast Cora

Mast Cora is a self-taught French graffiti and tattoo artist working in Paris at Bleu Noir parlor. He describes his work as ‘abstract, geometric, and free’. His tattoos often depict peculiar worlds in which animals, vegetation, and architecture are merged with a lot of geometry. ‘My inspiration comes from the city, architecture, urban, animals, nature […]

Minimalist Geometric Tattoos by Okan Uckun

Istanbul, Turkey-based tattoo artist Okan Uckun is a pioneer of minimalist geometric tattoos. His designs depict geometric shapes, fine lines, and dots sometimes combined with animals, plants or other elements. See below a selection of his gorgeous tattoos and find him on Instagram and Tumblr for more.