40 Amazing Wolf Tattoo Designs and Ideas

The wolf tattoo has become very popular among animal tattoos because of its rich symbolism and ambiguous meanings. The wolf represents a powerful mythological symbol and a spiritual hallmark in many cultures around the world because of its broad spread in North America, Europe, and Asia.

On the one hand, the wolves are feared and detested, associated with the world of spirits and shadows, of evil creatures and lycanthropy; on the other hand, they are appreciated as animal-guide, suggesting positive traits of loyalty, courage, fidelity or victory.

Wolves symbolize fear of night and darkness and even demonic possession. At the same time, people admire their intelligence and skill to hunt their prey. They choose their pair for life and are known to be protective of their offspring, being a symbol of family ties.

For Native Americans, the wolf was a totem animal, symbolizing loyalty and perseverance. They also believed that wolves were endowed with great powers, having the ability to transform into humans. In early Christianity, the wolf was seen as a representation of the devil because they attacked the herds of sheep.

Inked on the skin, a wolf tattoo is a warrior symbol, representing strength, intelligence, and skill. A symbol of bonding, the wolf tattoo is also a great way to display loyalty and devotion to your family.

Wolf tattoos can vary depending on your imagination, some feel more attracted to the ferocious and dark side of the wolves, others of their positive traits. Often associated with Native American symbols, a wolf tattoo design will look great with elements like feathers, dream catchers or a full moon.

#1 Ornamental Wolf Tattoo Ornamental Wolf Tattoo by Mary Tereshchenko Photo: Mary Tereshchenko

#2 Half Wolf HeadHalf Wolf Tattoo by kamilmokot Photo: kamilmokot

#3 Sketchy Wolf TattooWolf Tattoo by kamilmokot  Photo: kamilmokot

#4 Wolf Howling at the MoonWolf Tattoo by Michael George Pecherle Photo: Michael George Pecherle

#5 Ferocious Wolf on ChestWolf Tattoo by Michael George Pecherle Photo: Michael George Pecherle

#6 Watercolor Wolf and Galaxy
Wolf Tattoo by Alberto CuervaPhoto: Alberto Cuerva

#7 Blackwork Piece on ForearmWolf Tattoo by Junnio Nunes Photo: Junnio Nunes

#8 Big Chest PieceWolf Tattoo by Junnio Nunes  Photo: Junnio Nunes

#9 Small Wolf on Inner BicepWolf Tattoo by Violeta Arús Photo: Violeta Arús

#10 Wolf and Landscape Thigh PieceWolf Tattoo by Merry Morgan Photo: Merry Morgan

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