46 Adorable Fox Tattoo Designs and Ideas

46 Adorable Fox Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Foxes are extremely adorable creatures and people choose to ink their portraits mostly for their cute appearance. But a fox tattoo has a variety of ambiguous meanings, being the symbol of both good and evil.

Foxes are seen differently depending on culture. Therefore, in the Western tradition, the fox is the basic symbol of cunning, hypocrisy, and deception. Because of its nocturnal activities, the fox was identified with evil, night, black magic and even death. In native American culture, its cunning is transformed into wisdom, and in Orient, the fox is the symbol of longevity and transformation.

As a tattoo, the fox is the symbol of an agile animal, deceptively and charming. Its intelligence and instincts make it a very good hunter and a symbol of wilderness and diplomacy.

Many people choose to express qualities like courage, independence, sharp wit, ambition, and ingenuity through a fox tattoo.

In China, a fox inked on the skin symbolizes longevity, luck and is considered a good sign and a talisman. In Japan, it is believed that a fox tattoo has an effect on entrepreneurship and business and symbolizes prosperity and abundance, while in Korea, it is a symbol of procreation and attractive feminine sex.

Whether you will choose a fox tattoo for its cuteness or its powerful symbols, check below our selection of 46 beautiful designs and get inspired!

#1 Sketchy Fox Tattoo on RibsSketchy Fox Tattoo by kamilmokot Photo: kamilmokot

#2 Cosmic Fox on ForearmCosmic Fox Tattoo by versusink Photo: versusink

#3 Watercolor Foxes on BicepWatercolor Foxes by versusink Photo: versusink

#4 Cute Little Sleeping FoxSleeping Fox Tattoo by versusink  Photo: versusink

#5 Black and Grey Fox With Geometric Elements Black and Grey Fox with Geometric Elements by valerakottattoo Photo: valerakottattoo

#6 Chef Fox Fox Tattoo by maxvorax Photo: maxvorax

#7 Geometric Fox TattooGeometric Fox Tattoo by malwina8 Photo: malwina8

#8 Beautiful Watercolor Fox on AnkleWatercolor Fox on Ankle by dopeindulgence Photo: dopeindulgence

#9 Adorable Colored Fox Colored Fox Tattoo by dopeindulgence Photo: dopeindulgence

#10 Small Dotwork Fox Head on ForearmDotwork Fox Head by ahmet cambaz Photo: ahmet_cambaz

#11 Lovely Sleeping Fox and BunnySleeping Fox Tattoo by ahmet cambaz  Photo: ahmet_cambaz

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