28 Creative Rhino Tattoo Designs and Ideas

28 Creative Rhino Tattoo Designs and Ideas

The impressive appearance of rhinos offers great inspiration in tattoo art, a rhino tattoo being often considered a symbol of endurance, agility, and strength.

Among the oldest animals, the rhinos had the ability to survive for millions of years and defend themselves from predators. Their impressive size, primitive appearance, strong skin, resistance and strategically poignant horn, have inspired fear and admiration to humans for thousands of years.

These large creatures are known to be aggressive – most notably when threatened – but they are also quite passive and gentle beasts.

Although rhinos are a symbol of virility and strength, a woman wearing a rhino tattoo express her confidence, freedom, stability, and dominance.

Put on the skin, a rhino tattoo indicates traits such as power, dominance, authority, confidence, strength, stability, stamina and agility.

Rhino Tattoo by zionele Photo: zionele

Rhino Tattoo by mayagurtler Photo: mayagurtler

Rhino Tattoo by aleromeo_tattoo Photo: aleromeo_tattoo

Rhino Tattoo by no_gods_no_lords Photo: no_gods_no_lords

Rhino Tattoo by artofspencer Photo: artofspencer

Rhino Tattoo by omurotatuajes Photo: omurotatuajes

Rhino Tattoo by monolith_tattoo_studio Photo: monolith_tattoo_studio

Rhino Tattoo by louiskonstantinou Photo: louiskonstantinou

Rhino Tattoo by fernandomadeira Photo: fernandomadeira

Rhino Tattoo by omershatz Photo: omershatz

Rhino Tattoo by ladyappletattoo Photo: ladyappletattoo

Rhino Tattoo by annekefitrianti Photo: annekefitrianti

Rhino Tattoo by becky_tattoo Photo: becky_tattoo

Rhino Tattoo by drerkdong Photo: drerkdong