39 Inspiring Anatomical Heart Tattoos

Disgusting for some, appealing for others, anatomical heart tattoos are in trend nowadays. An exposed organ does not please everyone and only daring people will choose such a tattoo design.

Unlike the simple heart shape which is a symbol of love and adoration, admired by the vast majority, an anatomical heart is a more rough design referring primarily to its biological role: the maintaining of life.

Anatomical heart tattoos are designed in a more realistic way and seem detached from the scientific books, symbolizing your interest in anatomy or various feelings in a more metaphorical and darker style.

#1 Detailed Anatomical Heart on Flower of LifeAnatomical Heart Tattoo by Michael George Pecherle Photo: Michael George Pecherle

#2 Simple Heart and Wild FlowersAnatomical Heart Tattoo with Wild Flowers by Michael George Pecherle Photo: Michael George Pecherle

#3 Anatomical Heart with Musical NotesAnatomical Heart Tattoo with Musical Notes by Fer Solley Photo: Fer Solley

#4 Small Anatomical Heart on ForearmSmall Anatomical Heart Tattoo by oozy_tattoo Photo: oozy_tattoo

#5 Planets Orbiting the HeartAnatomical Heart Tattoo by Matheus Zaroni Photo: Matheus Zaroni

#6 Anatomical Heart on ThighAnatomical Heart Tattoo by Violeta Arus  Photo: Violeta Arús

#7 Anatomical Heart with Geometric Elements Anatomical Heart Tattoo with Geometric Elements by Malvina Maria Photo: Malvina Maria

#8 Galaxy Heart on Wrist Galaxy Anatomical Heart Tattoo by Merry Morgan Photo: Merry Morgan

#9 Black Ink Anatomical HeartBlack Ink Anatomical Heart Tattoo by Merry Morgan  Photo: Merry Morgan

#10 Abstract Anatomical Heart TattooAbstract Anatomical Heart Tattoo by susboom_tattoo Photo: susboom_tattoo

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