50 Majestic Whale Tattoo Designs

The whales are the largest mammals in the world, but despite their gigantic size, they are gentle and intelligent animals. People became fascinated by these beautiful creatures from the oldest times. In tattoo art, whale tattoos have grown in popularity in recent years due to their multiple and positive meanings.

Depending on the cultures and legends, whales represent a symbol of longevity and divine justice. They were a source of food, but also a powerful totem and a spiritual guide, helping the survival of the human race, both physically and culturally. In various cultures, whales and dolphins were associated with divine powers and perceived as superior beings, funerals being organized for the stranded ones.

A whale tattoo can have multiple meanings, symbolizing usually virtues like power, intelligence, and gentleness, but also embodies spiritual beliefs and a peaceful life.

#1 Floral Blue Whale TattooFloral Blue Whale Tattoo by Dima Furs Photo: Dima Furs

#2 Geometric Dotwork Whale on ChestGeometric Dotwork Whale by Anastasia Vasilenkova Photo: Anastasia Vasilenkova

#3 Whale and Mandala Back PieceWhale and Mandala Back Tattoo by diffuzer Photo: diffuzer

#4 Dotwork Whale Tattoo on ForearmDotwork Whale Tattoo by Darkmaa_tattooer Photo: Darkmaa_tattooer

#5 Colorful Whale with BegoniaColorful Whale Tattoo by tattooist_silo Photo: tattooist_silo

#6 Linework and Dotwork Floral Whale
Linework and Dotwork Floral Whale Tattoo by Vitaly Kazantsev Photo: Vitaly Kazantsev

#7 Black & Red Whale TattooBlack & Red Whale Tattoo by doyo_tattoo Photo: doyo_tattoo

#8 Fine Line Geometric WhaleFine Line Geometric Whale Tattoo by Phoebe Hunter Photo: Phoebe Hunter

#9 Floral Space Whale Floral Space Whale Tattoo by shadowpromise Photo: shadowpromise

#10 Black Ink Whale with Crescent MoonBlack Ink Whale Tattoo by Masa_tattooer Photo: Masa_tattooer

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