22 Grandiose Iris Tattoo Designs and Meanings

22 Grandiose Iris Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Having deeply symbolic meanings and a beautiful appearance, the distinctive iris flower makes a great design for tattoos. Associated with royalty, the meaning of an iris tattoo is most often connected to the Greek goddess Iris, the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods.

While any iris symbolizes royalty, wisdom, and courage the diversity of its colors inspires a specific spiritual symbolism for each nuance.

Thus, the traditional meaning of a purple iris is royalty, but it also represents wisdom, respect, and compliments. A blue iris is a symbol of hope and faith, a yellow iris symbolizes passion while a white one expresses purity and innocence.

The iris flower appears often depicted with three petals which symbolize wisdom, courage, and faith; but it is also believed that the three petals symbolize the past, present, and future.

Because there are so many meanings attached to this bloom, the message behind an iris tattoo can vary depending on the circumstances and the selected color. But of course, anyone can choose this tattoo design and create its personal meaning.

#1 Gorgeous Iris Tattoo on BicepGorgeous Iris Tattoo on Bicep by tomeat Photo: tomeat

#2 Watercolor Iris Flower on SpineWatercolor Iris Flower Tattoo by Pis Saro Photo: pissaro_tattoo

#3 Two Purple Irises on Ribs Purple Irises on Ribs by orgasmicforest_tattoos Photo: orgasmicforest_tattoos

#4 Multicolored Irises on Shoulder BladeMulticolored Irises on Shoulder Blade by gnotattoo Photo: gnotattoo

#5 Blackwork Iris Tattoo on LegBlackwork Iris Tattoo by handcandykiddo Photo: handcandykiddo

#6 Iris Holding EarthIris Holding Earth by graffittooPhoto: graffittoo

#7 Blue Iris Flower on ForearmBlue Iris Tattoo by joseecd Photo: joseecd

#8 Beautiful Calf PiecesIris Flower Tattoos on Legs by ovtattoo Photo: ovtattoo

#9 Another Multicolored Iris Tattoo on Shoulder BladeMulticolored Iris Tattoo by micaelagcoortes Photo: micaelagcoortes

#10 Delicate Iris Flower on Back ShoulderDelicate Iris Flower Tattoo by ilwolhongdam Photo: ilwolhongdam

#11 Splendid Multicolored Chest PieceMulticolored Iris Flowers on Chest by rit.kit.tattoo Photo: rit.kit.tattoo

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