14 Fascinating Telescope Tattoo Designs for Explorers

Telescopes have helped mankind to reveal the size of the Universe, helping us to understand its workings and our place in it. In tattoo art, telescopes are symbols of adventure and curiosity. A telescope tattoo is ideal for those interested in astronomy, and for those eager to explore the unknown. Depending on your preference, telescope […]

40 Lovely Planet Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Planet tattoo designs are very popular among astronomy lovers and astrology fans. They are a way to express the interest in outer space and the influence of celestial bodies on human personality. In astrology (where the Moon and the Sun are considered planets), each Zodiac sign has a ruling planet (or two), and that sign […]

37 Exceptional Rocket Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Rocket tattoo designs are a popular choice among outer space enthusiasts and science fans and are appropriate for both men and women. Many people choose rocket tattoos only to express their love and interest for space but just like most tattoos, a rocket inked on the skin can hold diverse symbolic meanings. The universal symbol of […]

32 Fascinating Solar System Tattoo Designs

The image of the Solar System has become a great source of inspiration for fashion, crafts, and posters. Also, in tattoo art, Solar System tattoo designs have grown in popularity among astronomy enthusiasts and astrology fans alike. Like any other type of tattoo related to space, a Solar System tattoo is a way to express […]

30 Cool Astronaut Tattoo Designs for Space Lovers

An astronaut tattoo is a perfect design suitable for both men and women interested in space exploration. Exploring the vastness of the Universe is one of the oldest dreams of mankind. The desire to travel beyond the skies lies in our blood since the beginnings of time. In childhood, many of us dream to become […]

Brilliant Space-Inspired Watercolor Tattoos By Adrian Bascur

Chilean tattoo artist Adrian Bascur creates brilliant watercolor tattoos in which he beautifully blends classical animal silhouettes and geometric shapes with the vibrant colors of Space. His stunning galaxy-style tattoos look like watercolor paintings imprinted on the body, some of them depicting vibrant scenes often made with a gorgeous double-exposure effect. See below a small selection […]

Delicate miniature tattoos by Tattooist Ida

Tattooist Ida is a Seoul-based tattoo artist that masters the art of cute and delicate miniature tattoos. Her colorful designs often depict dainty flowers, animals, and space inspired sceneries and are usually very small. Below is a selection of Ida’s cute tattoos but you can see more on her Instagram. If you like miniature tattoos […]

David Cote’s Psychedelic Tattoos Are Inspired by His Dreams

David Cote is a young tattoo artist from Montreal, Canada who has a unique style. He specializes in composing eccentric psychedelic tattoos inspired by his lucid dreams. ‘I feel like my creativity is more active just before going to bed, so I either keep a sketchbook next to my bed to sketch it or I […]

Stunning Galaxy Tattoos By Ola Pelczarska

Ola Pelczarska is a young tattoo artist based in Warsaw and a role model for those who want to live their dream. One year ago, Ola quit her 9-to-5 office job to pursue her dream of becoming a tattoo artist. ‘I’ve been dreaming about becoming a tattoo artist since forever, so when I was offered […]

Vibrant Watercolor Tattoos by Koray Karagozler

Turkish tattoo artist Koray Karagozler creates stunning watercolor tattoos that are true works of art oscillating between the abstract, fantasy, nature and the surreal. Koray became interested in the art of tattooing in college, during his conceptual and abstract studies at the faculty of fine arts in Mediterranean University. His tattoo designs reflect abstract concepts and […]