30 Cool Astronaut Tattoo Designs for Space Lovers

30 Cool Astronaut Tattoo Designs for Space Lovers

An astronaut tattoo is a perfect design suitable for both men and women interested in space exploration.

Exploring the vastness of the Universe is one of the oldest dreams of mankind. The desire to travel beyond the skies lies in our blood since the beginnings of time. In childhood, many of us dream to become astronauts and explore the worlds beyond Earth, but as we grow up, mundane problems start to worry us and we barely remember to look at the sky.

An astronaut tattoo inked on your skin will reflect your love and interest in space exploration and will remind you that we’re just tiny dots in the immensity of the universe, eager to explore the unknown. A spaceman design signifies technological progress and futuristic abilities and also symbolizes the giant step that mankind did to explore the world beyond Earth.

#1 Dotwork and Linework AstronautDotwork and Linework Astronaut Tattoo by Bruno Almeida Photo: Bruno Almeida

#2 Minimalist Astronaut TattooMinimalist Astronaut Tattoo by chinatown_stropky Photo: chinatown_stropky

#3 Black and Grey AstronautBlack and Grey Astronaut Tattoo by tattoowithme Photo: tattoowithme

#4 Astronaut Holding the MoonAstronaut Tattoo Holding the Moon by Resul Odabas Photo: Resul Odabas

#5 Skeleton Astronaut and GalaxySkeleton Astronaut Tattoo and Galaxy by Resul Odabas Photo: Resul Odabas

#6 Sketchy Astronaut Tattoo on ArmSketchy Astronaut Tattoo on Arm by L'oiseau Photo: L’oiseau

#7 Floating Through the StarsAstronaut Tattoo by Violeta Arús Photo: Violeta Arús

#8 Small Astronaut on Right ThighAstronaut Tattoo by Violeta Arús  Photo: Violeta Arús

#9 Geometric Astronaut Tattoo Geometric Astronaut Tattoo by Pablo Díaz GordoaPhoto: Pablo Díaz Gordoa

#10 Awesome Astronaut and GalaxyAstronaut Tattoo and Galaxy by Pablo Díaz Gordoa Photo: Pablo Díaz Gordoa

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