32 Fascinating Solar System Tattoo Designs

32 Fascinating Solar System Tattoo Designs

The image of the Solar System has become a great source of inspiration for fashion, crafts, and posters. Also, in tattoo art, Solar System tattoo designs have grown in popularity among astronomy enthusiasts and astrology fans alike.

Like any other type of tattoo related to space, a Solar System tattoo is a way to express your interest in outer space, science, and desire of knowledge. It is also a magical and enchanting choice for anyone who wants to ink the influences of the unconscious mind, time, or mythology.

Additionally, these cosmic designs are in trend nowadays amidst dreamy people and those with a rich imagination. Astronomy lovers choose to ink planets or the complete solar system because of the astrological meaning behind these celestial bodies.

We have selected below 32 fascinating solar system tattoo designs for your inspiration.

#Big Solar System on SpineSolar System Tattoo by Chad Phillips Photo: Chad Phillips

#2 Dotwork Solar System on ForearmDotwork Solar System Tattoo by laurenshawtattoo Photo: laurenshawtattoo

#3 Realistic Solar System on TricepSolar System Tattoo by krispatay Photo: krispatay

#4 Black and Grey Solar System TattooSolar System Tattoo by Erica Kraner Photo: Erica Kraner

#5 Mandala Solar System on LegMandala Solar System Tattoo by haleygunz Photo: haleygunz

#6 Colored Solar System on Inner ForearmColored Solar System Tattoo by Ge Zhang Photo: Ge Zhang

#7 Beautiful Forearm PieceSolar System Tattoo by David Peyote Photo: David Peyote

#8 Dotwork and Linework Solar SystemSolar System Tattoo by Rebeka Tratnik Photo: Rebeka Tratnik

#9 Black Ink and Watercolor PieceSolar System Tattoo by caccauink Photo: caccauink

#10 Fine Line Solar System TattooSolar System Tattoo by Kevin King Photo: Kevin King

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