14 Fascinating Telescope Tattoo Designs for Explorers

14 Fascinating Telescope Tattoo Designs for Explorers

Telescopes have helped mankind to reveal the size of the Universe, helping us to understand its workings and our place in it.

In tattoo art, telescopes are symbols of adventure and curiosity. A telescope tattoo is ideal for those interested in astronomy, and for those eager to explore the unknown.

Depending on your preference, telescope tattoos can be rendered in a realistic style, very minimalistic or as a cartoon.

Discover the explorer in you and get your own a telescope tattoo! Get inspired by our designs below.

Realistic Astronomical Telescope Tattoo by tattooist_flower Photo: tattooist_flower

Disassembled Telescope Tattoo by evantattoo Photo: evantattoo

Telescope Tattoo and Stars by pokeeeeeeeoh Photo: pokeeeeeeeoh

Blackwork Telescope Tattoo by bexpriesttattoos Photo: bexpriesttattoos

Traditional Telescope and Universe Tattoo by lindybtattoo Photo: lindybtattoo

Telescope Tattoo by carlatattoos Photo: carlatattoos

Tiny Minimalist Telescope Tattoo by airrreka Photo: airrreka

Telescope and Moon Tattoo by zamo_artwork Photo: zamo_artwork

Sketchy Vintage Telescope Tattoo by ane_aleksandra Photo: ane_aleksandra

telescope & Space Tattoo by graffittoo Photo: graffittoo

Simple Telescope Tattoo by la_vida_nica_tattoo Photo: la_vida_nica_tattoo

Linework Telescope Tattoo by bang_tattoostw Photo: bang_tattoostw

Blackwork Telescope Tattoo by amberktattoos Photo: amberktattoos

Space and Telescope Tattoo by bretjohnsontattoosPhoto: bretjohnsontattoos

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