37 Exceptional Rocket Tattoo Designs and Ideas

37 Exceptional Rocket Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Rocket tattoo designs are a popular choice among outer space enthusiasts and science fans and are appropriate for both men and women.

Many people choose rocket tattoos only to express their love and interest for space but just like most tattoos, a rocket inked on the skin can hold diverse symbolic meanings.

The universal symbol of space exploration, a rocket tattoo can also symbolize limitless, knowledge, adventure, and progress.

Rocket tattoos can be designed with a variety of different elements associated with the sky, including clouds, stars, planets, and moons. A great part of a rocket tattoo design is the fire trail that it leaves behind when it launches, which can be portrayed in unlimited ways.

Depending on preferences, a rocket tattoo can be illustrated in a cartoon format and very colorful or more realistic and less colored. Check our images bellow and get inspired.

#1 Traditional Rocket Tattoo on TricepTraditional Rocket Tattoo by yamanckr Photo: yamanckr

#2 Black and Grey Rocket DesignBlack and Grey Rocket Tattoo by viktoria.mvm Photo: viktoria.mvm

#3 Old School Piece on CalfRocket Tattoo by richlajoietattoos Photo: richlajoietattoos

#4 Colored 3D Rocket Tattoo 3D Rocket Tattoo by paulleetattoos Photo: paulleetattoos

#5 Dotwork Rocket and Planets on Inner BicepDotwork Rocket Tattoo by vaigirdas_kofyPhoto: vaigirdas_kofy

#6 Rocket and MoonRocket Tattoo by tiwan_tattoo Photo: tiwan_tattoo

#7 Blackwork Rocket on LegBlackwork Rocket Tattoo by sophieelizabethtattoo Photo: sophieelizabethtattoo

#8 Black Ink Rocket and StarsBlack Ink Rocket Tattoo by carinaalok Photo: carinaalok

#9 Rocket Tattoo on Inner ForearmRocket Tattoo by booomyPhoto: booomy

#10 “I Need More Space”Rocket Tattoo by ventura_ink Photo: ventura_ink

#11 Delicate Single Needle Design on TricepDelicate Single Needle Rocket Tattoo by bloodbhtattoo Photo: bloodbhtattoo

#12 Small Colored Rocket on ForearmSmall Colored Rocket Tattoo by tattooist_vincent Photo: tattooist_vincent