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30 Tiny and Adorable Tattoos by Ahmet Cambaz

Ahmet Cambaz is a Turkish tattoo artist based in Istanbul. As a former cartoonist, Cambaz draws inspiration from illustrations and cartoons, applying his creative vision and artistic technique to his adorable tattoos.

His pieces are created with minimalist and delicate lines, some of them featuring soft touches of colors, his designs being a gorgeous way to adorn the body.

Cambaz’s tattoos range from extremely adorable animals (which are his mainly motifs) and cartoon-like characters staged in creative and delightful compositions to beautiful scenes inspired by nature.

See below a selection of Ahmet’s tattoos and follow him on Instagram for more.

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Sorina Liliana

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  • You can really tell that he used to be a cartoonist. I like that he can pull off both serious and silly designs and you can see his creative side in each piece.

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