40 Impressive and Amazingly Detailed Tattoos by Mr. K

40 Impressive and Amazingly Detailed Tattoos by Mr. K

Mr. K is a Korean tattoo artist who works at Bang Bang tattoo shop located in New York.

Having a background in design and drawing, his tattoos are remarkably precise and delicate.

Specialising in micro style and single needle technique, he became famous for his tiny and extremely detailed tattoos.

“Growing up I was always looking for the finest pen I could use for my art projects. When I began my career in the tattoo industry, naturally I was drawn to the intricate details of the micro style.”, says Mr. K.

See below a selection of Mr. K’s detailed tattoos and follow him on Instagram for more amazing designs.

Rabbit Tattoo by Mr. K

Peacock Tattoo by Mr. K

Darth Vader Tattoo by Darth Vader

Brain Tattoo by Mr. K

Bulldog Tattoo by Mr. K

Dog Portrait Tattoo by Mr. K

Aquila Constellation Tattoo by Mr. K

Geometric Swallow Tattoo by Mr. K

Feather Tattoo by Mr. K

Landscape Tattoo by Mr. K

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