30 Beautiful Geometric Tattoos by Bicem Sinik

Minimalist dotwork and linework tattoo designs have become more and more popular due to their elegance and discretion.

Bicem Sinik, a young and talented female tattoo artist from Istanbul, Turkey, inks her clients with this type of designs. She developed her own, minimalistic style, using fine lines and dots to create elegant tattoos which depict geometric animals and other minimalist forms.

Sinik graduated from the art and graphic design faculty and worked as an art director at several advertisement agencies for 7 years. In January of 2013, she quit her job and started doing tattoos as a hobby which soon became her career.

Below is a selection of 30 geometric tattoos by Sinik but you can see much more of her minimalistic designs on Tumblr and Instagram.

Half Lion Half Bull Tattoo by Bicem Sinik

Geometric Libra Tattoo by Bicem Sinik

Geometric Queen Chess Piece Tattoo by Bicem Sinik

Geometric Tattoo on inner forearm by Bicem Sinik

Geometric Bird Tattoo by Bicem Sinik

Geometric Buldog Tattoo by Bicem Sinik

Minimalist Geometric Tattoo by Bicem Sinik

Geometric Scorpion Tattoo by Bicem Sinik

Geometric mandala tattoo on bicep by Bicem Sinik

Geometric Deer Tattoo by Bicem Sinik

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