33 Best Dinosaur Tattoo Designs And Ideas

33 Best Dinosaur Tattoo Designs And Ideas

Although completely disappeared about 65.5 million years ago, long before man has made its appearance on this planet, dinosaurs are fascinating creatures which have become an important source of inspiration for literature, film, cartoons and even body art.

Dinosaur tattoo designs are not very popular since most people don’t have an emotional connection with these prehistoric creatures. However, they make cool tattoo designs for Jurassic Park fans and those interested in paleontology.

With almost no spiritual significance, persons who choose a dinosaur tattoo tend to associate its meaning with the strength and enormous size of these reptiles. A dinosaur tattoo design is also a beautiful way to bring homage to these fantastic creatures that once lived on Earth.

The most popular dinosaur tattoo is Tyrannosaurus rex which is the king of this species, often chosen for its ferocity and gigantic size, followed by Triceratops, Velociraptor, Pterodactyl, Brontosaurus, and cute cartoon dinosaur designs, reminiscent of childhood.

#1 T-Rex Skeleton Tattoo on SideT-Rex Skeleton Tattoo by calumtattoo Photo: calumtattoo

#2 Neotraditional Triceratops Tattoo on KneeNeotraditional Triceratops Tattoo by alexrowntreetattoo Photo: alexrowntreetattoo

#3 Big T-Rex Tattoo on ThighT-Rex Tattoo by andrepimentatattoo Photo: andrepimentatattoo

#4 Sketch Style Triceratops Skull Triceratops Skull Tattoo by arrowheadtattoos Photo: arrowheadtattoos

#5 Minimalist Dinosaur Tattoos and ConstellationsDinosaur Tattoos and Constellations by v.shevchenkottt Photo: v.shevchenkottt

#6 Cartoon Pterodactyl With Rainbow UmbrellaCartoon Pterodactyl Tattoo by erek_lanier Photo: erek_lanier

#7 Colored Velociraptor Tattoo on CalfVelociraptor Tattoo by hoode215 Photo: hoode215

#8 Watercolor Dinosaur Tattoo on Right ThighWatercolor Dinosaur Tattoo by juliasyuta Photo: juliasyuta

#9 Little Flying Dinosaur Tattoo on AnkleLittle Flying Dinosaur Tattoo by elizabeth_rozaki Photo: elizabeth_rozaki

#10 Blackwork Triceratops Head on CalfTriceratops Head Tattoo by parispamelatattoo Photo: parispamelatattoo

#11 Several Dinosaurs on Inner Bicep Dinosaurs on Inner Bicep by fherval Photo: fherval

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