33 Best Dinosaur Tattoo Designs And Ideas

33 Best Dinosaur Tattoo Designs And Ideas

#12 Big T-rex Tattoo on RibsT-rex Tattoo by canaveztattoo Photo: canaveztattoo

#13 Black Ink Dinosaur Tattoo and Rose Black Ink Dinosaur Tattoo and Rose by ninasmithtattoo Photo: ninasmithtattoo

#14 Velociraptor Tattoo on ForearmVelociraptor Tattoo by verotattooine Photo: verotattooine

#15 Dinosaur Apocalypse Tattoo on Shoulder BladeDinosaur Apocalypse Tattoo by steven_compton Photo: steven_compton

#16 Linework Triceratops on Forearm Linework Triceratops Tattoo by angeloguardia Photo: angeloguardia

#17 Neotraditional Dinosaur Tattoo and Red Rose Neotraditional Dinosaur Tattoo and Red Rose by cedric.weber.tattoo Photo: cedric.weber.tattoo

#18 Colored Pterodactyl TattooColored Pterodactyl Tattoo by s_lcf.tattoos Photo: s_lcf.tattoos

#19 Cartoon Tyrannosaurus TattooCartoon Tyrannosaurus Tattoo by sagietattoo Photo: sagietattoo

#20 Black Ink Velociraptors on Chest Black Ink Velociraptor Tattoos by felipecesar.me Photo: felipecesar.me

#21 Blackwork T-rex Skeleton TattooT-rex Skeleton Tattoo by felipecesar.me Photo: felipecesar.me

#22 Sketchy Velociraptor Tattoo on Forearm Sketchy Velociraptor Tattoo by ineepine Photo: ineepine

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