33 Best Dinosaur Tattoo Designs And Ideas

33 Best Dinosaur Tattoo Designs And Ideas

#23 Dotwork T-rex Skull Tattoo Dotwork T-rex Skull Tattoo by matteonangeroni Photo: matteonangeroni

#24 Velociraptor Skeleton TattooVelociraptor Skeleton Tattoo by joicewang.nyc Photo: joicewang.nyc

#25 Ceratops Family on Legs Ceratops Family Tattoo by svenrayenPhoto: svenrayen

#26 Two Velociraptors on Chest Velociraptor Tattoos by svenrayenPhoto: svenrayen

#27 Sketchy Triceratops Skull Sketchy Triceratops Skull Tattoo by tattooer_nadi Photo: tattooer_nadi

#28 Ferocious Tyrannosaurus on ThighFerocious Tyrannosaurus Tattoo by victoriascarlet93 Photo: victoriascarlet93

#29 Triceratops Skull on Chest Triceratops Skull Tattoo by evantattoo Photo: evantattoo

#30 Linework Velociraptor on LegLinework Velociraptor Tattoo by lucidlines Photo: lucidlines

#31 T-rex Skeleton on Upper Back T-rex Skeleton Tattoo by charley_gerardin Photo: charley_gerardin

#32 Linework Brontosaurus Tattoo on Inner Forearm Brontosaurus Tattoo by aleksander_lew_tattoo Photo: aleksander_lew_tattoo

#33 Fine Line Brachiosaurus Tattoo Brachiosaurus Tattoo by farfallainkPhoto: farfallaink

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