40 Amazing Wolf Tattoo Designs and Ideas

40 Amazing Wolf Tattoo Designs and Ideas

#21 Watercolor Wolf on Back ShoulderWatercolor Wolf Tattoo by lcjuniortattoo Photo: lcjuniortattoo

#22 Single Line Wolf Tattoo on ChestSingle Line Wolf Tattoo by Mo Ganji Photo: Mo Ganji

#23 Beautiful Forearm PieceWolf Tattoo by bicemsinik Photo: bicemsinik

#24 Divided Wolf Head on ChestDivided Wolf Tattoo by bicemsinik  Photo: bicemsinik

#25 Geometric Wolf HeadGeometric Wolf Head Tattoo by Severov Roma Tattooer Photo: Severov Roma Tattooer

#26 Wolf Pack and LandscapeWolf Tattoo by Turan Art NYC Photo: Turan Art NYC

#27 Geometric Piece on RibcageGeometric Wolf Tattoo by Rob Green Photo: Rob Green

#28 Howling Wolf DesignHowling Wolf Tattoo by maxim.nyc Photo: maxim.nyc

#29 Minimalist Linework and Dotwork WolfWolf Tattoo by María Fernández Photo: María Fernández

#30 Geometric Dotwork Wolf on Arm Geometric Wolf Tattoo by Jessica Svartvit Photo: Jessica Svartvit

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