30 Cool Astronaut Tattoo Designs for Space Lovers

An astronaut tattoo is a perfect design suitable for both men and women interested in space exploration. Exploring the vastness of the Universe is one of the oldest dreams of mankind. The desire to travel beyond the skies lies in our blood since the beginnings of time. In childhood, many of us dream to become […]

40 Beautiful and Inspiring Deer Tattoo Designs

In tattoo art, animals represent one of the greatest sources of inspiration for great tattoo designs. Animal tattoos are usually chosen for their symbolic meaning, but they can also express its owner personality. If you are looking for a symbol of gentleness and beauty, a deer tattoo is the perfect one. The deer is a […]

45 Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs For Good Dreams

The image of dreamcatchers captured the imagination of tattoo artists for several generations. A dreamcatcher tattoo represents a powerful symbol of protection by acting as an amulet or a talisman against evil and misfortune. A dreamcatcher is a handmade object consisting from a small hoop that contains a horsehair mesh, or a similar construction of […]

58 Amazing Mandala Tattoo Design Ideas

If you are a religious or spiritual person and want to get inked, a mandala tattoo is right for you! Mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol originating in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the Universe. It is used in various rituals, religions and for meditation. The term mandala is inherited from Sanskrit and means “circle”. […]

32 Splendid Snowflake Tattoo Designs

If you thought to get a tattoo and want a unique and delicate symbol, you might consider a snowflake design. Although it mainly depicts the image of winter and cold and it is associated with the winter holidays, a snowflake has a wide variety of symbols. One of the most important symbols is uniqueness, snowflakes […]