50 Mighty Tree Tattoo Designs and Ideas

50 Mighty Tree Tattoo Designs and Ideas

 A tree tattoo is an awesome tattoo design with important symbolic and spiritual meanings, suitable for those who love and respect the nature.

Trees are very important in all cultures, being considered the symbol of life on earth. They are a vital element of nature and directly contribute to the welfare of people, providing oxygen, fruits, shelter, and raw materials used in construction or as fuel.

Having their roots planted in the ground and the branches skyward, the trees are considered a link between the earth and the sky. They are signs of the life cycle, symbols of regeneration and rejuvenation, drying during winter and flowering in the spring.

The symbol of the tree is also used as a diagram called genealogical tree, showing the relationships between people in several generations of a family.

Inked on the skin, a tree tattoo symbolizes life, strength, beauty, regeneration and rejuvenation. A tree tattoo, like any other symbol, can be customized so as to represent you. It will look great with additional elements, like leaves, birds, branches, flower or whatever you like.

#1 Geometric Tree on ForearmGeometric Tree Tattoo on Forearm by Mary Tereshchenko Photo: Mary Tereshchenko

#2 Beautiful Back Shoulder PieceBeautiful Tree Tattoo by Mary Tereshchenko Photo: Mary Tereshchenko

#3 Floating White Tree TattooFloating White Tree Tattoo by Michael George Pecherle Photo: Michael George Pecherle

#4 Cute Little Dotwork Tree and Blue JayCute Little Dotwork Tree Tattoo by Michael George Pecherle  Photo: Michael George Pecherle

#5 Small Tree Tattoo on AnkleSmall Tree Tattoo on Ankle by baam.kr Photo: baam.kr

#6 Black Ink Tree with Geometric Elements and StarsBlack Ink Tree Tattoo with Geometric Elements and Stars by thomasetattoos Photo: thomasetattoos

#7 Elegant Dotwork TreeElegant Dotwork Tree Tattoo by Ahmet CambazPhoto: Ahmet Cambaz

#8 Timeless TreeTimeless Tree Tattoo by mr.k_tattoo Photo: mr.k_tattoo

#9 Delicate Side PieceDelicate Tree Tattoo by mr.k_tattoo  Photo: mr.k_tattoo

#10 Beautiful Watercolor Tree TattooBeautiful Watercolor Tree Tattoo by Joice Wang Photo: Joice Wang

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