46 Magnificent Mountain Tattoo Designs

46 Magnificent Mountain Tattoo Designs

Nature is a great source of inspiration for tattoo artists and mountains represent an important natural motif with many symbolic meanings. The common meaning of a mountain tattoo is the love for nature and travel, but it could also remind of a great journey or a special place.

Still, the symbolism of a mountain can be much more profound. A mountain is the meeting point between the spiritual and material world, between heaven and earth. The symbol of a mountain is similar to a ladder, representing the rise to transcendental; its general symbols being related to elevation.

In religion, mountains represent the dwellings of holy beings or God.

Inked on the skin, a mountain tattoo can also refer to different challenges in life, overcoming obstacles or making progress. Climbing up a mountain or other height often indicates spiritual or mental improvement.

Mountains can also represent a secluded, isolated or hard to reach place. Such a place could symbolize loneliness or difficult to achieve mental, spiritual or emotional states.

On the other hand, mountains are symbols of freedom and adventure, making great tattoo designs for mountain climbing lovers.

Depending on what you want to express through your mountain tattoo, it can be associated with animals, trees, rivers, the Sun or the Moon. Browse below through our selection of stunning mountain tattoos and get inspired!

#1 Minimalist Mountain Tattoo on Left ThighMountain Tattoo by kevinking.nyc Photo: kevinking.nyc

#2 Mountains and Trees on Inner ForearmMountains and Trees Tattoo by Eva Krbdk Photo: Eva Krbdk

#3 Mountain Scenery on BackMountain Tattoo on Back by mgptattoos Photo: mgptattoos

#4 Mountain Range Tattoo on TricepMountain Range Tattoo by mgptattoos  Photo: mgptattoos

#5 Dotwork Mountains on ForearmDotwork Mountain Tattoo by malwina8 Photo: malwina8

#6 Mountain Outline on Inner BicepMountain Outline Tattoo by malwina8 Photo: malwina8

#7 Linework Mountain Tattoo on RibcageLinework Mountain Tattoo by susboom_tattooPhoto: susboom_tattoo

#8 Sketchy Half SleeveMountain Tattoo by ineepine Photo: ineepine

#9 Delicate Design on Collar Bone Delicate Mountain Tattoo by ahmet_cambaz Photo: ahmet_cambaz

#10 Mountain Peaks and Stars Mountain Tattoo by mentat_gamze Photo: mentat_gamze

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