20 Wonderful Carnation Tattoo Designs

20 Wonderful Carnation Tattoo Designs

#11 Black Ink Carnations on AnkleBlack Ink Carnations by emily carroll Photo: emily carroll

#12 Dotwork Carnations on ForearmDotwork Carnations by Miriam Andrea Photo: Miriam Andrea

#13 Mottled Carnations and Geometric Elements Mottled Carnation Tattoo by Lucy Hu Photo: Lucy Hu

#14 Pink Carnation Tattoo on BackPink Carnation Tattoo by bryan.gee Photo: bryan.gee

#15 Gorgeous Purple Carnations Purple Carnations Tattoo by tarupiharinne Photo: tarupiharinne

#16 Multicolored Carnation Tattoo on Back ShoulderMulticolored Carnation Tattoo by Bomi Lee Photo: Bomi Lee 

#17 Lovely Coral CarnationsCoral Carnations Tattoo by Joice Wang Photo: Joice Wang

#18 Tiny Carnation Tattoo Tiny Carnation Tattoo by evantattooPhoto: evantattoo

#19 Red Carnation Tattoo on BackCarnation Tattoo by consafostattoos Photo: consafostattoos

#20 Linework and Dotwork Carnation on ArmCarnation Tattoo by peta.heffernanPhoto: peta.heffernan

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