24 Beautiful and Elegant Camellia Tattoo Designs

Although not as popular as other floral tattoos, camellia tattoo designs are really gorgeous. The delicate camellia flower is known as the Japanese rose and its romantic beauty and charming colors have inspired various myths and symbolic meanings.

With its soft, round petals and gentle curves, the camellia is considered a symbol of desire, passion, and refinement. It is also a symbol of perfection and excellence.

It is said that if a man gives to a woman a camellia, he considers her unique, special, strong and independent.

According to the etymology and the symbols of camellia flower, a person named Camelia is independent, strong, lucky and usually manages to accomplish all that she proposes. The name also symbolizes ambition and perseverance.

So whether your name is Camellia and you are proud of the symbols associated with this flower or just want to express your independence, a camellia tattoo will be a perfect choice.

Elegant Camellia Tattoo by mavka.leesova Photo: mavka.leesova

Camellia Tattoo by sashavanilla Photo: sashavanilla

Camellia Tattoo by tattooistmuha Photo: tattooistmuha

Camellia Tattoo by ramaviva.ink Photo: ramaviva.ink

Camellia Tattoo by g.hwan_tattooer Photo: g.hwan_tattooer

Camellia Tattoo by tattooist_gowoon Photo: tattooist_gowoon

Cammelia Tattoo by tattooku Photo: tattooku

Camellia Tattoo by doyo_tattoo Photo: doyo_tattoo

Camellia Tattoo by tattooistmuha Photo: tattooistmuha

Camellia Tattoo by taniavaianaPhoto: taniavaiana

Camellia Tattoo by attattoo_fay Photo: attattoo_fay

Camellia Tattoo by mimimowmow Photo: mimimowmow

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