20 Vivid Earth Tattoo Designs and Ideas

20 Vivid Earth Tattoo Designs and Ideas

In the last years, Earth tattoo designs have become very popular among tattoo and travel lovers. People choose to embellish their bodies with Earth tattoos to express thankfulness and bring homage to Mother Earth but also to show their passion for travel and exploration.

But an Earth tattoo has also a lot of symbolic meanings. Earth is the symbol of life and the embodiment of the concept of home. It is considered as the source of all its living beings and inanimate things.

In mythology, the Earth is a primordial element, of the genesis and human creation, of wealth and fertility. In many legends, Earth becomes the pair of the sky, between which is established a harmonious relationship, an eternal love.

The Earth is a symbol of stability, confidence, and safety. Ancient civilizations honored the Earth and the connection with it. Nowadays, due to modern lifestyle, man has become a stranger to the Earth that gives life and nourishes.

It is important for us to take energy from Earth and to honor what we get from it and what a better way than through an Earth tattoo?!

#1 Realistic Earth Tattoo on Upper BackRealistic Earth Tattoo by ilwolhongdam Photo: ilwolhongdam

#2 Colored Earth and Suitcase on Arm Colored Earth Tattoo on Arm by newtattoo_qiqi Photo: newtattoo_qiqi

#3 Hand Holding the EarthEarth Tattoo on Forearm by graffunk83 Photo: graffunk83

#4 Watercolor Earth Tattoo on ElbowWatercolor Earth Tattoo on Elbow by pnhiiii Photo: pnhiiii

#5 Paper Plane and Paper Boat Orbiting EarthWatercolor Earth Tattoo by drag_ink Photo: drag_ink

#6 Minimalist Design on TricepMinimalist Earth Tattoo by drag_ink Photo: drag_ink

#7 Simple Earth and Paper Plane on BackSimple Earth Tattoo on Back by gerardowaz Photo: gerardowaz

#8 Another Beautiful Back PieceEarth Tattoo by punpungood Photo: punpungood

#9 Splendid Earth Tattoo on ForearmEarth Tattoo by tattooist_ida Photo: tattooist_ida

#10 Dark Watercolor Earth on ShoulderDark Watercolor Earth Tattoo by dasi_bom Photo: dasi_bom