10 Cool Grl Pwr Tattoo Ideas To Support Feminism

10 Cool Grl Pwr Tattoo Ideas To Support Feminism

Show that you support and promote feminism with a cool Grl Pwr tattoo!

The slogan ‘Grl Pwr’ is a trend and is used in fashion imprinted on clothes and accessories, but it also makes a cool design for feminine tattoos.

‘Grl Pwr’ is an abbreviation of ‘girl power’, a slogan that supports and celebrates women’s empowerment and independence. The motto encourages young girls to build confidence, competence, and pride themselves.

If you are a feminist and love minimalist tattoos, a Grl Pwr tattoo will be a perfect choice and will express the powerful meanings of these letters.

Grl Pwr Tattoo by tattoos_by_jantinasonnenschein Photo: tattoos_by_jantinasonnenschein

Grl Pwr Tattoo by ngxtattoo Photo: ngxtattoo

Grl Pwr Tattoo by nomequiero Photo: nomequiero

Grl Pwr Tattoo by _tattookp_ Photo: _tattookp_

Grl Pwr Tattoo by hardcandy.tattoo Photo: hardcandy.tattoo

Grl Pwr Tattoo by phoenix.mendoza.tattoo Photo: phoenix.mendoza.tattoo

Grl Pwr Tattoo by marilyn777_ Photo: marilyn777_

Grl Pwr Tattoo by dindottattoo Photo: dindottattoo

Grl Pwr Tattoo by bunami.ink Photo: bunami.ink

Grl Pwr Tattoo by lunamothtattooPhoto: lunamothtattoo