100 Trendy and Irresistible Tattoo Ideas for Girls

100 Trendy and Irresistible Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Getting a tattoo has become a trend nowadays since they are a matter of fashion and a way to improve looks and express personality. Unlike men, who generally prefer bigger and intricate tattoos, girls usually choose smaller, simple and more delicate designs. For girls, tattoos are linked to style but also tell stories and carry symbolic meanings.

Among the most popular tattoo designs preferred by girls are flowers, animals, birds, butterflies and anything that can be rendered in a more delicate and pretty way.

As for the place for a tattoo, it can be chosen depending on the design and size. Girls usually prefer to ink the most sensual parts of their bodies including the ear lobe, ribs, collar bone, and chest. Other places on the body preferred by girls are the ankle, wrist, behind the ear, back of the neck, shoulders, leg paw, and hands – usually on fingers.

If you are looking for inspiration for a permanent tattoo, see below our collection with the most trendy and irresistible tattoo ideas for girls.

#1 Floral Crescent Moon Tattoo on Back ShoulderFloral Crescent Moon Tattoo by tattooist_karin Photo: tattooist_karin

#2 Elegant Hand Poked Botanical Tattoo on FingerHand Poked Botanical Tattoo on Finger by laramaju Photo: laramaju

#3 Red Rose Tattoo on Inner ForearmRed Rose Tattoo on Inner Forearm by samanthatattoo Photo: samanthatattoo

#4 Half Lotus Half Butterfly TattooHalf Lotus Half Butterfly Tattoo by balazsbercsenyi Photo: balazsbercsenyi

#5 Tiny White Ink Cloud Tattoo on FingerTiny White Ink Cloud Tattoo on Finger by wickynicky Photo: wickynicky

#6 Floral Butterfly on ThighFloral Butterfly Tattoo on Thigh by v.shevchenkottt Photo: v.shevchenkottt

#7 Taurus Constellation Tattoo on Collar BoneWatercolor Taurus Constellation Tattoo by tattooist_up Photo: tattooist_up

#8 Watercolor Feather Tattoo on ThighWatercolor Feather Tattoo on Thigh by botykanna Photo: botykanna

#9 La La Land Tattoo on Inner ForearmLa La Land Tattoo by tattooistmuha Photo: tattooistmuha

#10 Geometric Moon Tattoo on Upper BackGeometric Moon Tattoo by ilwolhongdamPhoto: ilwolhongdam

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