40 Beautiful and Inspiring Deer Tattoo Designs

40 Beautiful and Inspiring Deer Tattoo Designs

#11 Geometric Piece on Back ShoulderGeometric Deer Tattoo by zhangpeipei_tattoo  Photo: zhangpeipei_tattoo

#12 Deer Skull Tattoo on Arm Deer Skull Tattoo on Arm by tattooist_of  Photo: tattooist_of

#13 Minimalist Geometric Deer DesignMinimalist Geometric Deer Tattoo by tattooist_of  Photo: tattooist_of

#14 Watercolor Design on Forearm Watercolor Deer Tattoo Design by Andrzej Cymon  Photo: Andrzej Cymon

#15 Another Beautiful Watercolor PieceBeautiful Watercolor Deer Tattoo by Anatema Tattoo Studio  Photo: Anatema Tattoo Studio

#16 Black Ink and Watercolor DesignBlack Ink and Watercolor Deer Tattoo by Phellipe Rodrigues  Photo: Phellipe Rodrigues

#17 Surreal Deer Design on Upper BackSurreal Deer Tattoo by Petra Pett  Photo: Petra Pett

#18 Another Watercolor Deer DesignWatercolor Deer Tattoo by Paulo Reis  Photo: Paulo Reis

#19 Blackwork Deer With FlowersDeer Tattoo with Flowers by anna_bravo_ Photo: anna_bravo

#20 Abstract Deer Tattoo on CalfAbstract Deer Tattoo by Diogo Rocha  Photo: Diogo Rocha

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