20 Mighty Trident Tattoo Designs And Meanings

20 Mighty Trident Tattoo Designs And Meanings

#11 Tribal Style Trident on CalfTribal Style Trident Tattoo by anacuba.tattooPhoto: anacuba.tattoo

#12 Orca and Trident Tattoo on ArmOrca and Trident Tattoo by fpradoPhoto: fprado

#13 Black and Grey Tridents on LegsTrident Tattoos by pedromayaa Photo: pedromayaa

#14 Sketch Style Trident on ForearmSketch Style Trident Tattoo by mab_tattoo_ Photo: mab_tattoo_

#15 Shiva’s Trident on Upper BackShiva's Trident Tattoo by mahadev_ki_deewani__ Photo: mahadev_ki_deewani__

#16 Colored Trident Wrapped Around ArmTrident Tattoo by boundlessmarie Photo: boundlessmarie

#17 Linework Trident Tattoo on ThighLinework Trident Tattoo by indomita.tattoo Photo: indomita.tattoo

#18 Traditional Trident With WavesTraditional Trident Tattoo by gabriellaramos.art Photo: gabriellaramos.art

#19 Octopus Holding a TridentOctopus Holding a Trident by caity_rose_tattoos Photo: caity_rose_tattoos

#20 Blackwork Trident Design on SideTrident Tattoo by somervillenPhoto: somervillen

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