The Surreal Dotwork Tattoos of Ilya Brezinski

Belarussian tattoo artist and illustrator Ilya Brezinski specializes in composing dotwork and blackwork designs both on paper and skin. Brezinski’s tattoos vary from animals to everyday objects and different scenes, all made in black ink and usually featuring a surreal scenery. See below a selection of Brezinski’s dotwork tattoos and follow him on Instagram and […]

Exquisite Single Line Tattoos By Mo Ganji

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Mo Ganji is an Iranian-born Berlin-based tattoo artist specialized in single line tattoos, known for his clean and minimalistic style. Using only a single continuous line, he creates exquisite tattoos depicting animals, flowers, mountain ranges, architectural outlines, and portraits of people. Sometimes, he elaborates his tattoos by adding a few […]

Colorful Tiny Circle Tattoos By Eva Krbdk

Turkish tattoo artist Eva Krbdk creates colorful tiny tattoos depicting fantastic landscapes, portraits, movie scenes and magical sceneries framed in tiny hoops. See below a selection of her beautiful circle tattoos and follow Eva on Instagram for more.

Brilliant Space-Inspired Watercolor Tattoos By Adrian Bascur

Chilean tattoo artist Adrian Bascur creates brilliant watercolor tattoos in which he beautifully blends classical animal silhouettes and geometric shapes with the vibrant colors of Space. His stunning galaxy-style tattoos look like watercolor paintings imprinted on the body, some of them depicting vibrant scenes often made with a gorgeous double-exposure effect. See below a small selection […]

Dynamic Blackwork Graphic Tattoos by Ben Volt

Ben Volt is a San Francisco-based tattoo artist with a deep passion for bold visual design, specializing in custom blackwork and graphic tattoos. His dynamic designs are abstract and angular adornments for human skin created with thick lines and geometric patterns influenced by minimal graphic design and retro-futuristic motifs and landscapes. ‘Symbolism. Archetypes. Spirituality. Empowerment. […]

Delicate Botanical Tattoos by Pis Saro

Pis Saro is a Ukrainian tattoo artist based in Crimea, Russia. She has a very distinctive style of work specializing in botanical tattoos. Most of her delicate designs are inspired by plants and flowers and applied on the skin in watercolor technique. See below a few of her delicate designs and follow her on Instagram […]

30 Beautiful Geometric Tattoos by Bicem Sinik

Minimalist dotwork and linework tattoo designs have become more and more popular due to their elegance and discretion. Bicem Sinik, a young and talented female tattoo artist from Istanbul, Turkey, inks her clients with this type of designs. She developed her own, minimalistic style, using fine lines and dots to create elegant tattoos which depict […]

20 Cute Black Ink Tattoos by Tattooer Hugo

We dive again in the South Korean tattooing scene which is full of talented tattoo artists specializing in tiny cute tattoos. This time we showcase the work of Tattooer Hugo, a South Korean artist who brought an adorable side to black ink tattoos. His designs are exclusively made in black ink and depict tiny and […]

Delicate miniature tattoos by Tattooist Ida

Tattooist Ida is a Seoul-based tattoo artist that masters the art of cute and delicate miniature tattoos. Her colorful designs often depict dainty flowers, animals, and space inspired sceneries and are usually very small. Below is a selection of Ida’s cute tattoos but you can see more on her Instagram. If you like miniature tattoos […]

Dark and Vibrant Tattoos by Brando Chiesa

Brando Chiesa is an Italian tattoo artist based in Florence. Often depicting fantastic ferocious creatures, his tattoos are inspired by Asian culture and combine the neo-traditional style personalized and innovated with a deep and dark vibrancy. See below a selection of Brando’s vibrant tattoos and check his entire work on Instagram.