30 Subtle and Delicate Pastel Tattoos by Mini Lau

30 Subtle and Delicate Pastel Tattoos by Mini Lau

Pastel tattoos are an elegant choice and a great alternative to big and flashy designs. If you are fond of this kind of tattoos and in search of inspiration for your next tattoo, you should check the tattoo art of Mini Lau.

The Hong Kong-based tattoo artist specializes in subtle tattoos delicately drawn with fine lines and colored ink in pastel shades. Her minimalist and soft creations are mostly flowers and animals, but also various objects like diamonds, dreamcatchers or feathers.

See below a selection of Mini Lau’s pastel tattoos and check her Instagram for more subtle and elegant designs.

#1 Small Floral Tattoo Behind the EarSmall Floral Tattoo Behind the Ear

#2 Unicorn and Flowers Above ElbowUnicorn and Flowers

#3 Purple Rose Tattoo on Inner ForearmPurple Rose Tattoo

#4 Gorgeous Dreamcatcher Tattoo on LegGorgeous Dreamcatcher Tattoo

#5 Delicate Poppy Flower on WristDelicate Poppy Flower Tattoo

#6 Little Whale and Flowers Behind the EarLittle Whale Tattoo

#7 Tiny Butterflies on Collar BoneTiny Butterfly Tattoos

#8 Lovely Floral Wrist Bracelet TattooLovely Floral Wrist Bracelet Tattoo

#9 Colored Balloons and Typography on LegColored Balloons and Typography Tattoo

#10 Elegant Lavender Tattoo on Back ShoulderLavender Tattoo on Back Shoulder

Flower of Life Tattoo
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