34 Perfect Airplane Tattoo Designs For Travel Lovers

34 Perfect Airplane Tattoo Designs For Travel Lovers

Airplane tattoo designs are popular and very fashionable among people who love to travel.

Airplanes allow us to visit places around the world in a shorter time and are the safest way to travel, compared to other means of transport. They are the universal symbol for journeys, but for pilots and stewardesses, they represent a way of life.

Inked on the skin, the main symbolic meaning of an airplane tattoo is traveling, but similar to a bird or a butterfly tattoo it also represents flight, freedom, adventure, and lightness.

Airplane tattoos can come in many sizes and shapes and can be portrayed with other elements like earth globes, maps, compasses or hearts.

Bellow we have collected the most beautiful and creative airplane tattoo ideas, from small designs depicting airplane silhouettes, usually preferred by women, to more elaborate renderings of real looking airplanes.

#1 Watercolor Airplane Tattoo on Forearm Watercolor Airplane Tattoo by carolinahelenaart Photo: carolinahelenaart

#2 Little Airplane on WristSmall Airplane Tattoo by tuulirongastattoo Photo: tuulirongastattoo

#3 Matching Black Ink AirplanesMatching Black Ink Airplanes by lonewolf_studio Photo: lonewolf_studio

#4 Airplane and World Map on ForearmsAirplane Tattoo by pranayooo Photo: pranayooo

#5 Blackwork Airplane and TrianglesBlackwork Airplane Tattoo by loupoliti Photo: loupoliti

#6 WWII FighterWWII Airplane Tattoo by nomahan Photo: nomahan

#7 Geometric Airplane Tattoo on Back ShoulderGeometric Airplane Tattoo by monique_dumont_tattooartist Photo: monique_dumont_tattooartist

#8 Black Ink Airplane and Clouds on Inner ForearmBlack Ink Airplane Tattoo by rafaellatattoo Photo: rafaellatattoo

#9 Airplane and Geometric ElementsAirplane Tattoo by rui_tattooerPhoto: rui_tattooer

#10 Beautiful Dotwork Design on Shoulderby nora_ink Photo: nora_ink

#11 Airplane SilhouetteAirplane Silhouette Tattoo by charm.studio Photo: charm.studio

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