26 Gorgeous Paper Crane Tattoos and Meanings

26 Gorgeous Paper Crane Tattoos and Meanings

Paper crane tattoos are among the most popular origami tattoos, having a lovely appearance and a rich symbolism.

The cranes captured the imagination of mankind and have become important symbols in many cultures due to their beauty, elegance, longevity and intelligence. The crane is a monogamous bird, remaining with its pair for life, thus becoming a symbol of fidelity and love.

Throughout the Far East, the crane is considered a bird that brings good luck and is known as the “bird of happiness” or “bird of peace”. In Asian culture, it is believed that cranes live 1,000 years and are a symbol of long life.

In Japan, after the Second World War, origami cranes became a symbol of peace and hope. It is a tradition for people to fold paper cranes as a sign of peace, health, and prosperity.

In tattoo art, paper crane tattoos serve as a symbol of peace, joy, prosperity and also as a symbol of protection. It is also a great way to express your calm nature.

For those who are at peace and want a symbol of it inked on their skin, we made a list bellow with the most beautiful paper crane tattoos. Hope you will enjoy!

#1 Sketchy Paper Crane on BicepSketchy Paper Crane Tattoo by Robson Carvalho Photo: Robson Carvalho

#2 Watercolor Paper CraneWatercolor Paper Crane Tattoo by Adrian Bascur Photo: Adrian Bascur

#3 Tiny Paper Crane with Geometric ElementsTiny Paper Crane Tattoo by Nando Tattoo Photo: Nando Tattoo

#4 Floral Crane on Ribcage Floral Paper Crane Tattoo by Lindsay April Photo: Lindsay April

#5 Minimalist Paper Crane Tattoo on ForearmMinimalist Paper Crane Tattoo by Lindsay April Photo: Lindsay April

#6 Watercolor Paper Crane Watercolor Paper Crane Tattoo by Ana Abrahao Photo: Ana Abrahão

#7 Simple Paper Crane on Back of NeckSimple Paper Crane Tattoo by Marjana Brun Tattoo Photo: Marjana Brun Tattoo

#8 Dotwork Paper Crane Dotwork Paper Crane Tattoo by tomtomtatts Photo: tomtomtatts

#9 Sketchy Paper Crane with MandalaSketchy Paper Crane Tattoo with Mandala by Inez Janiak Photo: Inez Janiak

#10 Dotwork and Linework Paper Crane Dotwork and Linework Paper Crane Tattoo by anahi_blekkPhoto: anahi_blekk

#11 Watercolor Paper Crane Watercolor Paper Crane by rudtattoocatanduva Photo: rudtattoocatanduva

#12 Paper Crane Tattoo on Inner ForearmPaper Crane Tattoo by yootattooer Photo: yootattooer

#13 Watercolor Paper Crane on Back ShoulderWatercolor Paper Crane by Russell Van Schaick Photo: Russell Van Schaick