25 Splendid Olive Branch Tattoo Designs

25 Splendid Olive Branch Tattoo Designs

If you are a peaceful and spiritual person and want to express it by inking your skin, then you should choose an olive branch tattoo.

For thousands of years, the olive tree was the symbol of peace, victory, wisdom and happiness. Being witness to so many biblical events, the olive tree is considered sacred in many cultures.

Having leaves always green and an extraordinary longevity, the olive tree embodies immortality. Being a symbol of peace and prosperity, crowns of olive branches were awarded to champions of sports competitions and winners of bloody battles. They were also worn by brides and virgins.

In the Bible, the dove that returned to Noah with a green olive branch in its beak is a symbol of hope and a new beginning. The olive branch is historically represented as a symbol of peace not only for the Hebrew people but also for the ancient Greeks and Muslims.

In modern times, an olive branch held by a dove is still used as a peace symbol in various places.

Inked on the skin, an olive branch tattoo expresses the inner peace and combined with a dove it has deep religious meanings.

#1 Olive Branch Tattoo on RibcageOlive Branch Tattoo by foreversadaustin Photo: foreversadaustin

#2 Dotwork Olive Branch on Wrist Dotwork Olive Branch Tattoo by isotattoo Photo: isotattoo

#3 Blackwork Piece on TricepBlackwork Olive Branch Tattoo by brunandradettt Photo: brunandradettt

#4 Green Olive Twig on Inner ForearmGreen Olive Twig Tattoo by loloartsplus Photo: loloartsplus

#5 Dotwotk Black and Grey Olive BranchDotwotk Black and Grey Olive Branch Tattoo by somethinginthesewer Photo: somethinginthesewer

#6 Beautiful Forearm PieceGreen Olive Branch Tattoo by fer_bodyart Photo: fer_bodyart

#7 Black Ink Olive Twigs Black Ink Olive Branch Tattoo by swimreaper Photo: swimreaper

#8 Fruitful Olive Branch on BicepFruitful Olive Branch Tattoo by liana_joy Photo: liana_joy

#9 Olive Branch on Left Side Ribcage Olive Branch Tattoo by tattoojune Photo: tattoojune

#10 Colored Olive Branch Tattoo on CalfColored Olive Branch Tattoo by ann_lilya Photo: ann_lilya

#11 Olive Branch and Dove on Right ThighOlive Branch and Dove Tattoo by goyotattooart Photo: goyotattooart

#12 Elegant Design on Forearm Olive Branch Tattoo by _ch11388 Photo: _ch11388