50 Most Creative Light Bulb Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Light bulb tattoo designs are quite popular and their meanings are often associated with the idea of enlightenment, brightness, and creative thinking.

The light bulb is one of the most important and useful inventions. Today, the bulb is used everywhere to create light: in our homes, at workplaces, and on the streets. The first functional light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison, but before him, another 22 researchers made similar devices.

The light bulb has become a universal symbol for ‘I have an idea’ and is often used in cartoons. It reflects the creative thinking and the notion of a ‘bright idea’.

Inked on the skin, a light bulb tattoo commonly represents human thinking and pays homage to the inventors of the bulb and even to science. But a light bulb is an endless source of inspiration for tattoo artists, being the base of the most creative tattoo ideas. Discover below the most artistic light bulb tattoos and get inspired.

#1 Dotwork Light Bulb on Inner ForearmDotwork Light Bulb Tattoo by malwina8 Photo: malwina8

#2 Ferocious Shark Inside Light BulbBlackwork Light Bulb Tattoo by merry_tattooer Photo: merry_tattooer

#3 Watercolor Light Bulb TattooWatercolor Light Bulb Tattoo by dopeindulgence Photo: dopeindulgence

#4 Minimalist Design on ArmMinimalist Light Bulb Tattoo by robcarvalhoart Photo: robcarvalhoart

#5 Light Bulb and Little BallerinaLight Bulb Tattoo by ilwolhongdam Photo: ilwolhongdam

#6 Delicate Tree Inside Light Bulb
Light Bulb Tattoo by ilwolhongdam  Photo: ilwolhongdam

#7 Shuttered Light Bulb on RibsShuttered Light Bulb Tattoo by tomtomtatts Photo: tomtomtatts

#8 Single Line Light Bulb TattooSingle Line Light Bulb Tattoo by moganji Photo: moganji

#9 Sketch Style Bulb TattooSketch Style Bulb Tattoo by vt_kazantsevPhoto: vt_kazantsev

#10 Light Bulb Shuttered by NatureLight Bulb Tattoo by turan.art Photo: turan.art

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