22 Extremely Cute Hedgehog Tattoo Designs

22 Extremely Cute Hedgehog Tattoo Designs

Despite their special cuteness and rich symbolism, hedgehog tattoo designs are not as popular as other animal tattoos.

The hedgehog silhouette is unmistakable and its rare appearances always give us a sense of instant sympathy, doubled by the primordial curiosity of childhood. The sympathy that he arouses has made the hedgehog one of the most sought-after pets, especially in Western countries.

Present in many fairy tales and stories, the hedgehog hides much older mysteries, being found in many myths and legends.

Its symbolism is associated with the beginnings of the world, but we also find the hedgehog in the role of mediator between day and night, earth, and water, between the surface and the depth, order, and chaos, between norm and deviation, acting as a catalyst for the harmonization of the opposite.

In central Asia and parts of Iran, the hedgehog is associated with agricultural abundance and fertility. In these cultures, it is considered a solar power animal and is strongly connected to the energy and vitality of the sun.

In the Christian interpretation, the hedgehog is the greedy and irritable robber, assimilated to the sins of greed and craze, and resembles the evil who steals the souls of men. On the other hand, as a worm-eating being, he was once seen as an enemy of devilish forces.

Regarding its natural resistance to snake venom, the hedgehog is seen as a symbol of victory over evil.

Inked on the skin, a hedgehog tattoo may symbolize vitality, fertility protection, intelligence, and resourcefulness. But with or without its fascinating symbolism, the hedgehog remains the cute little creature whose appearance delights our eyes.

Discover the 22 most adorable hedgehog tattoo ideas below and get inspired!

Hedgehog Tattoo by nachacarotattoo Photo: nachacarotattoo

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