30 Tiny and Adorable Tattoos by Ahmet Cambaz

Ahmet Cambaz is a Turkish tattoo artist based in Istanbul. As a former cartoonist, Cambaz draws inspiration from illustrations and cartoons, applying his creative vision and artistic technique to his adorable tattoos. His pieces are created with minimalist and delicate lines, some of them featuring soft touches of colors, his designs being a gorgeous way […]

48 Lovely Dog Tattoo Designs to Celebrate Man’s Best Friend

A dog tattoo is definitely the best way to honor and show your gratitude towards your furry friend. Dogs are a very popular tattoo choice among animal lovers because of their loyalty, fidelity, and affection. People also choose to honor their lost beloved companions by printing their portraits on the skin. A dog is not […]

20 Cute Black Ink Tattoos by Tattooer Hugo

We dive again in the South Korean tattooing scene which is full of talented tattoo artists specializing in tiny cute tattoos. This time we showcase the work of Tattooer Hugo, a South Korean artist who brought an adorable side to black ink tattoos. His designs are exclusively made in black ink and depict tiny and […]

Cute and Colorful Feminine Tattoos By Keely Rutherford

Keely Rutherford is a London-based tattoo artist known for her cute feminine tattoos. Her colorful designs are inspired by Japanese culture, Disney characters, emoji style faces, and other adorable subjects. So if your taste involves bright colors, kawaii creatures, and princesses , you may find inspiration in Rutherford’s tattoos. See below a few of her […]