20 Mighty Trident Tattoo Designs And Meanings

Trident tattoo designs are usually related to the strength of the gods. The Trident is a mythological and magical weapon in the shape of a three-pointed spear belonging to the gods of the sea. It is a symbol of power over the seas and waters but it is also associated with thunderstorms.

In Greek mythology, the trident is connected with Poseidon, the god of the sea. Poseidon and his equivalent in Roman myth, Neptune, used the trident to create water sources, but in anger, he struck the earth causing mighty earthquakes, stir up tidal waves, tsunamis, and sea storms.

In Hindu legends, God Shiva used the trident or ‘trishula’ to fight off negativity and evil. The three-pronged sacred weapon represents the deity in his three aspects: Creator, Preserver, and Destroyer. The number 3 has also diverse meanings and significances, commonly said to represent various trinities, like creation, maintenance, and destruction or the past, present and future.

The meaning of a trident tattoo is linked to virtues of the gods and represents magical powers, wisdom, and dominance.

#1 Blackwork Trident on ThighBlackwork Trident Tattoo by ikaatattoo Photo: ikaatattoo

#2 Small Trident Tattoo on Inner ForearmSmall Trident Tattoo by s.a.mtattoo Photo: s.a.mtattoo

#3 Trident and Waves on TricepTrident and Waves by danielrlgarcia.tattoos Photo: danielrlgarcia.tattoos

#4 Big Trident Tattoo on SpineTrident Tattoo by tattooist_uno Photo: tattooist_uno

#5 Cracked Trident Design on ChestTrident Tattoo by justinfogeltattooPhoto: justinfogeltattoo

#6 Half Sleeve Trident and Waves
Half Sleeve Trident and Waves by conio_polifamous Photo: conio_polifamous

#7 Little Trident and Shield on BicepTrident and Shield by zipintattooer Photo: zipintattooer

#8 Simple Trident Tattoo on the ForearmTrident Tattoo by chewtattoos Photo: chewtattoos

#9 Minimalist Watercolor TridentMinimalist Watercolor Trident Tattoo by yuki_zerkjad Photo: yuki_zerkjad

#10 Traditional Sea Serpent and Trident Traditional Sea Serpent and Trident Tattoo by michaeltattooer Photo: michaeltattooer

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