40 Adorable Rabbit Tattoo Design Ideas

If you thought to get a cute and meaningful tattoo, you should consider a rabbit tattoo. Rabbits have become a great source of inspiration in tattoo art, not only because they are one of the most adorable animals and look pretty on the skin but also for their rich symbolic meanings. The rabbit is the … Read more40 Adorable Rabbit Tattoo Design Ideas

Dark and Vibrant Tattoos by Brando Chiesa

Brando Chiesa is an Italian tattoo artist based in Florence. Often depicting fantastic ferocious creatures, his tattoos are inspired by Asian culture and combine the neo-traditional style personalized and innovated with a deep and dark vibrancy. See below a selection of Brando’s vibrant tattoos and check his entire work on Instagram.

Nature Inspired Neo-Traditional Tattoos by Sophia Baughan

Sophia Baughan is an Australian tattoo artist working at Tattoo Rosie’s studio in Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia. She regularly travels and works within Australia and abroad. Her style is characterized by neo-traditional tattoos done with solid outlines and colors, yet full of delicacy. Inspired by nature, her designs often depict realistic animal portraits and floral … Read moreNature Inspired Neo-Traditional Tattoos by Sophia Baughan