Minimalist Geometric Tattoos by Okan Uckun

Minimalist Geometric Tattoos by Okan Uckun

Istanbul, Turkey-based tattoo artist Okan Uckun is a pioneer of minimalist geometric tattoos. His designs depict geometric shapes, fine lines, and dots sometimes combined with animals, plants or other elements. See below a selection of his gorgeous tattoos and find him on Instagram and Tumblr for more.

Fine Line Black and Gray Tattoos by Balazs Bercsenyi

Balazs Bercsenyi is a Hungarian tattoo artist living and working in New York. He specializes in fine line black and gray tattoos often merged with geometric designs. His tattoos are finely-shaped and unique, featuring a beautiful elegance. Admire below a selection of Balazs amazing work, and check his Instagram and website for more.

50 Beautiful Owl Tattoo Designs

The owl is a bird which has created a lot of superstitions throughout history. Due to its various, powerful symbols, the owl tattoo is commonly asked for at tattoo parlors. Having an owl tattoo inked on your skin is a good way to connect with this fascinating creature, and also become more in-tune with its … Read more50 Beautiful Owl Tattoo Designs

Stunning Galaxy Tattoos By Ola Pelczarska

Ola Pelczarska is a young tattoo artist based in Warsaw and a role model for those who want to live their dream. One year ago, Ola quit her 9-to-5 office job to pursue her dream of becoming a tattoo artist. ‘I’ve been dreaming about becoming a tattoo artist since forever, so when I was offered … Read moreStunning Galaxy Tattoos By Ola Pelczarska

Vibrant Watercolor Tattoos by Koray Karagozler

Turkish tattoo artist Koray Karagozler creates stunning watercolor tattoos that are true works of art oscillating between the abstract, fantasy, nature and the surreal. Koray became interested in the art of tattooing in college, during his conceptual and abstract studies at the faculty of fine arts in Mediterranean University. His tattoo designs reflect abstract concepts and … Read moreVibrant Watercolor Tattoos by Koray Karagozler