Delicate Floral Tattoo Designs by Tattooist Silo

Korean tattoo artist Silo (aka tattooist_silo) decorates her clients’ skin with colorful floral tattoo designs that look like watercolor paintings. Made in soft colors, her feminine designs often focus on floral arrangements but she also creates vibrant portraits of animals. See below a selection of Silo’s bright floral compositions and check her Instagram for more […]

20 Splendid Hydrangea Tattoo Designs

In tattoo art, a hydrangea tattoo – like any other floral tattoo- is a very beautiful way to bring homage to the beauty of nature, but it also has rich symbolic meanings. From a positive perspective, hydrangea is a symbol of love, gratitude, abundance and spiritual wisdom. On the other hand, it denotes vanity or […]

20 Beautiful Lavender Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Floral tattoos have become very popular because of their beauty and elegance. They are feminine and therefore are more common among women but there are also men who choose floral designs. There are hundreds of different models of flowers to choose as a tattoo, each of them having various significations. In this article, we will […]

26 Gorgeous Paper Crane Tattoos and Meanings

Paper crane tattoos are among the most popular origami tattoos, having a lovely appearance and a rich symbolism. The cranes captured the imagination of mankind and have become important symbols in many cultures due to their beauty, elegance, longevity and intelligence. The crane is a monogamous bird, remaining with its pair for life, thus becoming […]

Delicate Botanical Tattoos by Pis Saro

Pis Saro is a Ukrainian tattoo artist based in Crimea, Russia. She has a very distinctive style of work specializing in botanical tattoos. Most of her delicate designs are inspired by plants and flowers and applied on the skin in watercolor technique. See below a few of her delicate designs and follow her on Instagram […]

Delicate miniature tattoos by Tattooist Ida

Tattooist Ida is a Seoul-based tattoo artist that masters the art of cute and delicate miniature tattoos. Her colorful designs often depict dainty flowers, animals, and space inspired sceneries and are usually very small. Below is a selection of Ida’s cute tattoos but you can see more on her Instagram. If you like miniature tattoos […]

Minimalist and Delicate Tattoos by Sol Tattoo

If you like miniature tattoos, you will definitely love the art of Sol Tattoo, a tattoo artist based in Seoul, South Korea. Sol specializes in super cute cat tattoos, but realistic dog portraits and floral designs are also a big part of her portfolio. Her subtle and delicate tattoos are often very small, yet highly […]

Cute and Colorful Feminine Tattoos By Keely Rutherford

Keely Rutherford is a London-based tattoo artist known for her cute feminine tattoos. Her colorful designs are inspired by Japanese culture, Disney characters, emoji style faces, and other adorable subjects. So if your taste involves bright colors, kawaii creatures, and princesses , you may find inspiration in Rutherford’s tattoos. See below a few of her […]