Minimalist Geometric Tattoos by Axel Ejsmont

Geometric Abstract Tattoos by Axel Ejsmont

Marta Slawinska is a Polish illustrator and tattoo artist based in Berlin. Her tattoo art activity is done under the pseudonym of Axel Ejsmont. Axel’s work oscillates between visual minimalism, abstract geometrical ornaments, and conceptual art. Her tattoos are based on symmetric patterns shaded with black and gray dots reminding of various influences, like Persian … Read moreMinimalist Geometric Tattoos by Axel Ejsmont

Impressive Abstract Tattoos by Mast Cora

The Abstract Tattoos of Mast Cora-19

Mast Cora is a self-taught French graffiti and tattoo artist working in Paris at Bleu Noir parlor. He describes his work as ‘abstract, geometric, and free’. His tattoos often depict peculiar worlds in which animals, vegetation, and architecture are merged with a lot of geometry. ‘My inspiration comes from the city, architecture, urban, animals, nature … Read moreImpressive Abstract Tattoos by Mast Cora