36 Awesome Ship Tattoo Designs and Ideas

36 Awesome Ship Tattoo Designs and Ideas

#13 Minimalist Ship Tattoo Inside a ShellMinimalist Ship Tattoo by mariafernandeztattoo Photo: mariafernandeztattoo

#14 Sketch Style Half Sleeve DesignSketch Style Ship Tattoo by ricardodamaiatattoo Photo: ricardodamaiatattoo

#15 Small Linework ShipSmall Linework Ship Tattoo by mnsantanatattoo Photo: mnsantanatattoo

#16 Black Ink Ship with Anchor and CompassBlack Ink Ship Tattoo by sidarbaksi Photo: sidarbaksi

#17 Colored Half Sleeve DesignColored Half Sleeve Ship by madalin_cosconea Photo: madalin_cosconea

#18 Half Sleeve Ghost ShipHalf Sleeve Ghost Ship Tattoo by dylanlisletattoo Photo: dylanlisletattoo

#19 Dotwork Ship on ShoulderDotwork Ship Tattoo by xin_inscu Photo: xin_inscu

#20 Gorgeous Linework Piece on Inner ForearmLinework Ship Tattoo by lisaorth Photo: lisaorth

#21 Small Black and Grey Pirate ShipBlack and Grey Pirate Ship Tattoo by plakaso_chops Photo: plakaso_chops

#22 Traditional Ship Tattoo on NeckTraditional Ship Tattoo by nickwallace_tattooer Photo: nickwallace_tattooer

#23 Blackwork Ship with Swords and Crescent MoonBlackwork Ship Tattoo by anspham Photo: anspham

#24 Blackwork and Dotwork Ship on Inner ForearmBlackwork and Dotwork Ship Tattoo by lida.litle.tattoo Photo: lida.litle.tattoo

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