36 Awesome Ship Tattoo Designs and Ideas

36 Awesome Ship Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Ship tattoo designs are very widespread among sailors and fishermen as a symbol of pride of being part of the seafarer guild but also as a powerful amulet that ensures the returning home. The main symbolism of these tattoos comes from the seamen and their ways of life and being.

Although they are in close connection with the seafarers, ships make great tattoo designs with plenty symbolic meanings, suitable for anyone.

Ship tattoos are more popular among men and they represent more than just a connection with the oceans. They can also signify adventure, journey, hope, courage, discovery and the desire of exploring the unknown.

In addition to these, a ship tattoo can have much deeper symbols, like independence, a new beginning, a troubled past or life’s challenges. It can also serve as a memorial for loved ones lost at sea.

A macabre version of a ship tattoo depicts a ship sinking into the waves. Like a skull tattoo, this type of design has the role of a protective talisman.

Ship tattoos can be depicted with a variety of different elements and nautical symbols, including birds, the moon, stars, waves, pirates, swords, anchors, or compasses.

#1 Little Colored Ship Tattoo on WristLittle Colored Ship Tattoo by versusink Photo: versusink

#2 Blackwork Flying Ship on ChestBlackwork Flying Ship Tattoo by maxvorax Photo: maxvorax

#3 Big Sailing Ship on ThighSailing Ship Tattoo by junnionunes Photo: junnionunes

#4 Watercolor Pirate Ship Tattoo on SideWatercolor Pirate Ship Tattoo by adrianbascur Photo: adrianbascur

#5 Fine Lines Ship on CalfFine Lines Ship Tattoo by mr.k_tattoo Photo: mr.k_tattoo

#6 Beautiful Sailing Ship Inside TriangleSailing Ship Tattoo by tattooist_doy Photo: tattooist_doy

#7 Ship of TheseusShip Tattoo by tattooer_nadi Photo: tattooer_nadi

#8 Antique Ship Tattoo and AnchorAntique Ship Tattoo by mark_ostein Photo: mark_ostein

#9 Watercolor Half Sleeve PieceWatercolor Ship Tattoo by lcjuniortattooPhoto: lcjuniortattoo

#10 Splendid Ship on Inner ForearmSplendid Ship Tattoo by bicemsinik Photo: bicemsinik

#11 Diamond-Shaped Glyph Encompassing a Linework and Dotwork DesignLinework and Dotwork Ship Tattoo by phoebejhunter Photo: phoebejhunter

#12 Black and Grey Ship Black and Grey Ship Tattoo by turan.art Photo: turan.art

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