30 Gorgeous Orchid Tattoo Designs and Ideas

30 Gorgeous Orchid Tattoo Designs and Ideas

#21 Stunning Back Shoulder PiecePink Orchids by graffittoo Photo: graffittoo

#22 Phalaenopsis Orchid CycleOrchid Cycle Tattoo by gerardowaz Photo: gerardowaz

#23 Geometric Watercolor Orchid on AnkleGeometric Watercolor Orchid Tattoo by jenxtattoos Photo: jenxtattoos

#24 Black and Grey Orchids In TriangleBlack and Grey Orchids by liannadefleurPhoto: liannadefleur

#25 Elegant Purple Orchids on Left ThighPurple Orchids by bryan.geePhoto: bryan.gee

#26 Watercolor Orchids on Back ShoulderWatercolor Orchid Flowers by gnotattoo Photo: gnotattoo

#27 Multicolored Orchids Inside Circle Multicolored Orchids by yelizozcan Photo: yelizozcan_tattooer

#28 Subtle Orchid Tattoo on Shoulder BladeSubtle Orchid Tattoo by tattooist_ty Photo: tattooist_ty

#29 Little Orchid Tattoo on WristLittle Orchid Tattoo on Wrist by bryan.gee  Photo: bryan.gee

#30 Gorgeous Orchid on ShoulderOrchid Tattoo on Shoulder by tk_n_tattooPhoto: tk_n_tattoo

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