30 Gorgeous Orchid Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Due to their exotic appearance, orchid tattoos are popular designs among women and occasionally amidst men. Imprinted on the skin, an orchid tattoo has important symbolic meanings. These beautiful gifts of nature have inspired different meanings in many parts of the world, generally symbolizing love, beauty, and innocence.

Over time, the orchid flowers have symbolized fertility and virility. In ancient Greece, it was believed that people who eat orchid tubers can influence the sex of the baby in the womb.

Because of their symmetry, orchid flowers are associated with perfection and beauty. In ancient China, the flowers of orchids were considered the epitome of human perfection.

In the Victorian era, the British considered the orchids to be symbols of luxury and opulence, because they could be found only in the tropics and just wealthy people could afford to buy them. In ancient Japan, orchids were considered popular symbols of royalty and wealth.

Although orchids have a reputation for being symbols of fertility, wealth, and elegance, their different colors transmit a diverse range of symbolisms.

Almost like any white flower, a white orchid symbolizes innocence and purity as well as elegance and reverence. Pink orchids symbolize femininity, grace, and joy. The yellow ones symbolize friendship and new beginnings. Purple orchids symbolize royalty and wealth. The orange color of orchids is associated with pride, enthusiasm, and boldness while red is related to love, passion and romance.

Because this flower comes in many shapes, colors, and sizes, an orchid tattoo is a versatile design and can be inked almost on any part of the body.

#1 Beautifully Colored Orchids on RibsColored Orchids by rikka.tatoo Photo: rikka.tatoo

#2 Blackwork Orchid Tattoo on ShoulderBlackwork Orchid Tattoo by panterart Photo: panterart

#3 Delicate Orchid FlowersDelicate Orchid Tattoo by brubiancullitattoo Photo: brubiancullitattoo

#4 Pink Orchid on ForearmPink Orchid Tattoo by pachamamatattoo_alex Photo: pachamamatattoo_alex

#5 Vibrant Purple Orchid FlowerPurple Orchid Tattoo by pissaro Photo: pissaro_tattoo

#6 Gorgeous Half Sleeve Design
Half Sleeve Orchid Tattooo by xenia_dorfman_artist Photo: xenia_dorfman_artist

#7 Black Ink OrchidBlack Ink Orchid Tattoo by vladtatouer Photo: vladtatouer

#8 Multicolored Orchid Flower on Upper Back Multicolored Orchid Flower Tattoo by propplewell Photo: propplewell

#9 Symmetrical Orchid Flowers on ChestSymmetrical Orchid Flowers by uglystyle_ Photo: uglystyle_

#10 Tiny Orchid Tattoo on ArmTiny Orchid Tattoo by perpetuotattoo Photo: perpetuotattoo

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