24 Beautiful Matryoshka Tattoo Designs and Ideas

24 Beautiful Matryoshka Tattoo Designs and Ideas

The matryoshka dolls are one of Russia’s most famous symbols, being a souvenir appreciated not only by tourists but also by the inhabitants of this country.

Due to their vibrant looking and their powerful symbolic meanings, these dolls are a great source of inspiration for tattoo artists.

Although they are one of Russia’s symbols, born more than 100 years ago in a location near Moscow, Matryoshka’s first model was a Japanese doll – Fukuruma.

A Matryoshka doll is a set of typically seven wooden dolls made of a single piece of soft wood and hollow on the inside so that they could fit one in another.

The traditional Matryoshka doll is usually round in shape and decoratively painted to resemble a pretty young peasant woman dressed up in an extravagant sarafan costume, a fitting traditional Russian garment.

The name Matryoshka comes from the Russian name Matriona, a popular name in Russia at that time, meaning “little matron”. The Latin root word of Matryoshka is mater, which means “mother.”

Created as a toy, the set of dolls has gradually become a habitual element of decor in Russian houses symbolizing maternity, fertility, wealth, and eternal life. Inked on the skin, a Matryoshka tattoo is a symbol of feminism, fertility, motherhood and family.

Check below our selection of 24 vibrant Matryoshka tattoo designs and get inspired.

#1 Half Sleeve Matryoshka DollHalf Sleeve Matryoshka Tattoo by nic.furyPhoto: nic.fury

#2 Tiny Matryoshka Tattoo on ArmTiny Matryoshka Doll Tattoo by czarny_leszy Photo: czarny_leszy

#3 Half Sleeve Matryoshka FamilyHalf Sleeve Matryoshka Family by dearchels Photo: dearchels

#4 Russian Nesting Doll with Flowers Russian Nesting Doll Tattoo by richtattoos Photo: richtattoos

#5 Colored Matryoshka Dolls on ArmsColored Matryoshka Dolls by elinadrawsPhoto: elinadraws

#6 Neotraditional Mandala Russian DollMandala Russian Doll Tattoo by sjard245 Photo: sjard245

#7 Traditional Matryoshka Doll and Red RoseTraditional Matryoshka Tattoo by stingraybodyart_bostonh Photo: stingraybodyart_bostonh

#8 Floral Matryoshka Tattoo DesignFloral Matryoshka Tattoo by patricionardi Photo: patricionardi

#9 Dotwork Matryoshka Doll on TricepDotwork Matryoshka Doll Tattoo by noamyonatattoos Photo: noamyonatattoos

#10 Blackwork Matryoshka Tattoo on ArmBlackwork Matryoshka Doll Tattoo by finetopooPhoto: finetopoo

#11 Matryoshka Tattoo on LegMatryoshka Tattoo by dizza36 Photo: dizza36

#12 Gorgeous Design on Inner Forearm Matryoshka Tattoo by tattoosbyluna Photo: tattoosbyluna

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