48 Lovely Dog Tattoo Designs to Celebrate Man’s Best Friend

48 Lovely Dog Tattoo Designs to Celebrate Man’s Best Friend

#37 Pomeranian Boo with Zinnia FlowersPomeranian Boo Tattoo by gnotattoo Photo: gnotattoo

#38 Watercolor Sleeping Dog TattooWatercolor Sleeping Dog Tattoo by Jessika Macedo Photo: Jessika Macedo

#39 Watercolor Chihuahua PortraitWatercolor Chihuahua Tattoo by Harley Fezekas Photo: Harley Fezekas

#40 Matching Dog TattoosMatching Dog Tattoos by Mehmet Çelik Photo: Mehmet Çelik

#41 Realistic Bulldog on SkateboardRealistic Bulldog Tattoo by Ben Kaye Photo: Ben Kaye

#42 Timelapse Running Dog TattooTimelapse Running Dog Tattoo by Sara Morales Photo: Sara Morales

#43 Small Puppy on AnkleDog Tattoo by dasi_bom Photo: dasi_bom

#44 Realistic Rottweiler Head on ChestRealistic Rottweiler Tattoo by David CordenPhoto: David Corden

#45 Lovely Labrador on Left ThighLabrador Tattoo by David Corden Photo: David Corden

#46 Beautiful Beagle Tattoo on CalfBeagle Tattoo by César Castillo Marquez Photo: César Castillo Marquez

#47 Watercolor Boxer with HatWatercolor Boxer Tattoo by César Castillo MarquezPhoto: César Castillo Marquez

#48 Bull Terrier Portrait on Inner ForearmBull Terrier Tattoo by Sarah MifsudPhoto: Sarah Mifsud

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