50 Most Creative Light Bulb Tattoo Designs and Ideas

#21 Minimalist Light Bulb in a SquareMinimalist Light Bulb Tattoo by chinatown_stropky Photo: chinatown_stropky

#22 Blackwork Mandala Bulb on LegMandala Bulb Tattoo by homemaderulez Photo: homemaderulez

#23 Black Ink Bulb and ButterflyBlack Ink Bulb Tattoo by homemaderulez Photo: homemaderulez

#24 Dotwork Bulb and Books on TricepDotwork Bulb Tattoo by masciadelgrande Photo: masciadelgrande

#25 Space Light Bulb on ForearmSpace Light Bulb by givos.tattoo Photo: givos.tattoo

#26 Dotwork Bulb and Anatomical Heart on BicepDotwork Bulb Tattoo by goldy_zPhoto: goldy_z

#27 Gorgeous Watercolor Bulb TattooWatercolor Bulb Tattoo by blvckwvlf Photo: blvckwvlf

#28 Fantasy Sleeve TattooFantasy Light Bulb Tattoo by antikorpo Photo: antikorpo

#29 Baby Breath, Queen Anne’s Lace and Rudbeckia Inside BulbFloral Bulb Tattoo by alexandyrvalentine Photo: alexandyrvalentine

#30 Tiny Light Bulb Tattoo Behind The EarTiny Light Bulb Tattoo by maria.wheat.tattoos Photo: maria.wheat.tattoos

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