50 Most Creative Light Bulb Tattoo Designs and Ideas

#11 Brain Bulb TattooLight Bulb Tattoo by robgreennyc Photo: robgreennyc

#12 Light Bulb Tattoo on BicepLight Bulb Tattoo by jessicasvartvit Photo: jessicasvartvit

#13 Creative Design on LegLight Bulb Tattoo by lordenstein_art Photo: lordenstein_art

#14 Beautiful Tree Inside BulbLight Bulb Tattoo by _ch11388 Photo: _ch11388

#15 Fist in a BulbLight Bulb Tattoo by nothingwildtattoo Photo: nothingwildtattoo

#16 Earth Bulb and FlowersBulb Tattoo by ricardodamaiatattoo Photo: ricardodamaiatattoo

#17 Broken Light BulbBroken Light Bulb Tattoo by lucatestadiferroPhoto: lucatestadiferro

#18 Brain in a Light BulbLight Bulb Tattoo by uncl_paul_knows Photo: uncl_paul_knows

#19 Watercolor Bulb with Geometric ElementsWatercolor Bulb Tattoo by ruthbautistatattoos Photo: ruthbautistatattoos

#20 Geometric Light Bulb Tattoo and ArrowsGeometric Light Bulb Tattoo by tohelltattoo Photo: tohelltattoo

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